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William Wallis For America

Jan 12, 2023

Author Wayne White is a man who knows about America and the Decline of our great Nation. He has spent a lifetime observing the treachery of communists around the world. As keynote speaker, he has spoken to conservative groups and now has put his knowledge into a book. The information is concise and discusses the infiltration by communists into every aspect of American life over the past eighty-plus years. In his book he talks about...
America’s First Communist President

Communism has caused the death of more individuals than any other political system in world history.

Communism has enslaved more people than any political system in history.

Proponents of Communism cannot point to a single success, yet they spin a narrative of idealism and utopian socialism to attract the young and naïve.

They do not seek to improve our nation; they seek to consolidate their power as the rulers of the people.

Do we need to bring back HUAC?

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