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William Wallis For America

Aug 18, 2020

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has a passion for The State of Louisiana and works tirelessly for every resident. Most people think of the Lieutenant Governor position as being the "#2 position," but in fact, here in Louisiana, it's actually the #1 position for Louisiana in many ways. In this short Podcast, there is so much to learn about what and how much the Office of the Lieutenant Governor's position does. It might also surprise people how many departments and duties this Office has. And this short interview covers it all. There is information in this that will surprise you, inform you, and motivate you to see more of what Louisiana has to offer. And with his energy and enthusiasm Billy is leading the way to promote Louisiana, improve and maintain our Parks and attractions, and save residents money.  You can find my interviews on video on either Facebook or YouTube at @WilliamWallisForAmerica