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William Wallis For America

Jun 25, 2023

Louisiana State Rep Larry Frieman is passionate about freedom, conservative values, and his principles to guide him to doing the right thing for the people in his district and the State of Louisiana. In this interview hear his thoughts on how session went and how it ended in the last hour.

Jun 24, 2023

Representative Green talks about his legislation on the last day.  The BONUS Content after his interview is about Henry Clay's economic plan from Econ 101 1/2 

Jun 24, 2023

Gays Against Groomers IS an organization that is against the radical woke agenda and the exposing of children at early ages to sexualization before they get old enough to make their own decisions.  And it is composed of people that ARE on a mission to protect children and fight against the woke agenda that ends...

Jun 23, 2023

Representative Cormier is not a flashy firebrand that stirs the pot, except when it comes to his legislation that he is passionate about. And even then, he usually just files a couple and works really hard to get them through. In this case he had two he felt would really help the people of Louisiana.  AFTER...

Jun 22, 2023

This may be the last interview with Louisiana State Rep Kenny Cox. His district 23 was redistricted out of existence. However, he still participated in the process and brought forth legislation that he felt was meaningful that would help Louisiana.  THE BONUS CONTENT ABOUT THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE HAS SOME...