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William Wallis For America

Nov 25, 2022

What Divides Us Will Only Keep Us From Solving Problems .... It. always amazes how so many people "on the same side of the aisle" are still divided by narratives and the media and the "truths" that only they are priviledged to know.  My taped show from Tuesday night on WGSO 990AM on 11-22-22

Nov 23, 2022

John Scurich who is the Vice President and political Director of Multi Quest.  They do polling, research, strategies, campaign management, and media consulting.   He has good information and facts, but also a VERY INTERESTING REQUEST HE RECEIVED right before the 2020 Presidential election.  This request will make your...

Nov 12, 2022

Debbie Faris tells her story from Venezuela to America and her book "Beyond the Breakpoint."  What was her breakpoint?  Her story from before, during, and after will inspire you and explain how it led her to working on election integrity in America.