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William Wallis For America

Oct 26, 2021

The best way to learn who will be making the laws we will be governed by is to meet them. And the best time to meet them to know if they deserve your vote, is before they get in. Mark Pukita is running for U.S. Senate and is someone we all should get to know.

Oct 21, 2021

I am stepping away from a political interview a little, but not completely. This interview with Micah Murphree, a minister, who describes how to find your mountain in life so you can excel and be who you are supposed to be. Finding your mountain not only helps you succeed and prosper in life, but it helps create an...

Oct 17, 2021

Don't ignore the possibility or miscalculate the probability of election fraud. Election integrity is not a right wing conspiracy, it is something we should all unite on. And it is not about putting people back in office, it's about working harder to secure future elections so unelected people aren't making the rules we...

Oct 15, 2021

I have enjoyed his videos, politics, humor, and music; and I really enjoyed just getting to have a conversation with him to learn more about him. Getting to know ZO you will find more than just a great musician that does funny political videos. With ZO you will find a man with values from the best rule book there is...

Oct 14, 2021

This is my interview I did with the Attorney General of Louisiana Jeff Landry. For all of you that don’t know him or about his position I think you will find this one very interesting.  Find my video interviews on Facebook, YouTube, and Rumble at "William Wallis For America."